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Will forex give me this lifestyle ?

I have taken 2 weeks break from trading in the mid of April. My sis was visiting me from UK so i had to give her time. It was a welcome break for me to collect back my thoughts. I have been out of the city to an awesome island name Koh-Chang and we had really good time. 

This is where i want to live forever once i’m A pro forex trader 🙂

I was lying down on the beach-bed seeing the vast big blue ocean right in front of me. At that moment, I thought to myself YES this is the lifestyle i want to build for my self. 

Isn’t what I’m longing for ? Work offshore at my own terms and able to make money online ? 

Forex trading shall definitely  allow me this lifestyle. Although i was there for a short period of time but I just had a glimpse of the moment what i should get if i success in the business that I’m pursuing. This let me to work more hard and accelerate my process. 

So i managed to finish April on the high with little profit. What important is i did not lose the month so that was my 3rd winning month in a row. 

Right now we are in the middle of May. I’m still learning. It is about that 1% tweak that i needed to do every single day. Good news is I’m doing very little mistake nowadays. 

I feel i have become pretty good at controlling my losses. As they say once you can control your “down”, your “up” would be taken care automatically. 

I still have some small niggles to take care like I’m taking my profit way too early and leaving money on the table. But now I’ve learned how to check price action across board and determine if it was about to reverse. So hopefully next week would be better. 

Last week was -10 pips losing week for me however I’m still up for the month by 40 pips. However, because of commissions and losing too many trades, I’m still on break-even money wise. But i still have 2 more weeks to make some money for sure. 

The market was pretty bad this week. Even my peers and coach ended the week with very less profit. Really this is great pleasure for me to have someone posting their result on twitter daily basis which allows me to compare my performance. This way i don’t get into the negative zone knowing everyone else’s have had a bad week. 

It was the market, not us. 

All i had to do is trust my system and execute my trading plan.