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Trading Forex : really difficult

Hello Folks, yes i’m still here. Glad to see i have few readers who are interested to read my blog post. Good to know. Thank you guys.

Breaking news : i’m still not successful as forex trader. I thought i have reached to a point where i’ll invest some serious money but the moment i win , i tend to give away in the next session.One month i do good, next month i’m donating my profits to the market. so i’m still not a consistence trader which is number ONE rule to be successful in this business. I’m trading micro account as you all know.

During NY session i take on average of 10 trades per day, 4 days a week. So my goal is if i can manage to score at least 5% profit for 2 consecutive months, i would invest big. But as you already can guess, that never happened. Some week i do profit more than 5% and if i stop trading for that week i would surely end up 5% profit for that month. But that is not what i want. I want to trade all 4 weeks to give myself an opportunity and make 5% plus. I still do have fear of losing money. I’m working on the emotional part right now. Sometimes because of fear, i don’t take the trade which turns out to be very successful trade.

a quote from Jack ma

So i was bit upset hence did not write my weekly blog. I really planned to start big account from 2017 only if could pass my criteria of doing so. However, i don’t want a setback and keep on doing what i’m doing.

Good news is i’m still learning. I’m still continuing to trade. I did not miss a single trading week in the last one year. It’s been a year for me since i’m seriously trading. I have all the screen shots of my trading entries. i have journal-ed it very well. Any given time i can go back and see my mistakes. That way, i’m learning not to repeat my errors. At least now i have gained a lot of experience and knowledge.

I haven’t hopped from strategy to strategy, looking for that holy grail of trading. I know checking emotion is the key in this business. Trading my 15 minutes chart without any laggy indicators. I want to be master on 15 minutes chart price action trading.

This January 2017 was quite significant for me. Every day i would start NY session with a big hole but as hours pass by, i learned how to dig out of that hole with few positive pips in the Bank. This happened few times and i successfully pulled myself out. I was very happy with my performance so far.

So February in the corner. I really want that 5% month.
wish me luck 🙂



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