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Still a forex trader…..

Hello all, I’m still trading Forex. Apology that I could not write blog for few months. My parents were here in Thailand so I was out for a month or so. I really needed that break as I was losing consistently in the market. So I had some time to put my thoughts together and came back strong only to lose again.

Anyway, the market did not offer anything from feb to may. It was very less follow through. Really difficult market to make money. I had about 10% loss in May. And then started shaky JUNE but at the end I could come up with a positive month of JUNE. Hence I’m getting the energy to restart my blog post. So yeah! It has been roller coaster of a month.

But thank you guys. I’m seeing huge number of traders subscribing my blog. Glad that you are liking my contents. I’m just writing my forex journey, hopefully to success.

I have learned a lot within the last few months. Especially I worked vividly on my psychology. The adrenaline rush, fomo (fear of missing out) all are in tight grasp now. I can sorta control my emotion now.  I’ve learned to see market in different way. For example, if I had a big win, I’ll be more cautious the next day trading. Why because you feel too confident and you fly in the sky therefore prone to take loads of trade only to give back everything what you have earned the previous day.  Also I’m honing my skill. I’m getting better at recognizing market. So far picking up the right trades.

I guess it’s all about screen time experience. Since I have been doing this day trading thing for over 15 months now LIVE, so I’m kinda getting a feel of it really. Most often  my decisions were correct. There are no rules to it, but it’s just the feeling and love for the market.

Meanwhile, I have also gifted myself a new ipad Pro 10.5. I’m scribbling my journals on my ipad with apple pencil. It’s really fun. Also my entry screen shots are on evernote . I guess I have 15 months of data in there. I can go back in time and check my performance. It also helped me to minimize my mistakes.

Sure I’ll try to be more regular from now on my blog. I was bit upset as I was losing but things have changed a little now. My equity curve is growing again . I guess forex is like that, up and down.

Cheers guys.

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