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Right frame of mind

Past couple of weeks in February has been good with me. I have ended rare positive weeks in a row. I believe that is because of my new approach to the market which is much more calculative than i have ever traded before.

lets talk about it…

A good trade for me is the one which I executed my plan properly. Win or lose , does not matter
Key to right frame of mind

i have taken the strategy of being calm cool and collected. Big move in the market does not affect me much as it did in the past. I’m learning to stick to my plan and execute it. Before i would just take random trades really quick in line with the market move. Even though i’m still following my strategy but that does not mean you take all the trades. You will have to focus and wait for the best trade for that current moment.

This way, i kinda know my LINE OF SAND which means i know exactly how much i can afford to lose. Now with my new action, i’m able to close down my trade as soon as it hit my line of sand which is -50 pips a day.
I now have the super power to turn my computer off and walk away should the market is angry with me.

So ever since i have adopted this skill, i feel my fear is less now. Because i know i would be able to climb myself up from the hole may be next day as the losses are under my control.

it’s been 3 years in the forex market and i have always wanted to be perfect. But nobody told me, there is NO perfect trade.

even though i have lost for the day, i still feel good if i had followed my plan diligently. I don’t feel guilty at the end of the session.

so i have high hope this year. It looks like finally, things are working for me . I just need to tweak here and there, eliminate fear, and that should be fine to be a good trader for the foreseeable future.