Registered a losing week : 12th-15th Sep 2016

what a terrible week ! i lost 200 pips this week, that is 6% of my account. There were practically no follow through during the entire London and New York session. Some movements during Asia session but i only trade NY so i could not catch any of the move. I was exhausted. Pretty tiring to lose every day 4 days in a row. So i decided to take rest on Friday and guest what ! there was a move on Friday. I had the opportunity to make some pips but hey am i upset ? absolutely not. I needed that rest. I shall be back next Monday fresh again. There is always tomorrow.

I was not feeling good this week. Some sort of headache. Probably too much work. It is hard to have a day job and then come back to work on forex at night. Almost 12 hours of computer job. If i don’t work hard then how would i learn this business ?

This week was good learning process for me. I feel it’s good that i’m going through this low and nonvolatile week. I’m still trading micro lots on live account so i take it as a tuition fee. I’m paying a small fee to learn the worse of market which is good.

This week was pool of mistakes from my end. I have gotten away from my trading plan number of times. Made some silly mistakes which costed me few pips. I will make sure i won’t do such mistakes again.

My strategy is really fast pace trading. I need to train my brain to get used to it.

While driving if we see red light, our brain automatically trained to press brake peddle.

Trading is similar.

When i see my criteria, my brain should instantaneously act according my strategy without even thinking.

I haven’t reached to that point yet but i’m working on it.

I may not be consistently wining as of now, but i’m showing up everyday before NY session for trading no matter what. I’m only seeing 15 mins chart and non else. I’m not style hoping strategy to strategy looking for that holy grail. I’m working on my current system for 9 months straight.

This is big consistency already !


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