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Process over outcome, winning formula

Happy to report that i had yet another winning month. March was smaller than Feb but a profitable month nevertheless. I’m very excited about my achievement. so 2 months win, which means 8 weeks in a row and i suffered no losing week. Yes the wins are very small but these feelings are foreign to me.
my confidence is growing. Finally i’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Is my trading business going to work out ? am i on my way to become a pro profitable forex trader ?

Oh my god ! thinking of it giving me goose bumps. It’s been 3 agonizing years that i’m trying to make this work. At age 40, i had no time to look back. Time is important for me. I just can’t imagine to start something new at this point of my life. so feeling great over all.
As you know i’m a day trader, i trade 3 days a week for now. Usually other traders with my strategy trades 4 days a week but 3 days fitting me very well. so my first trading day is Tuesday. Most of the Tuesday’s i’m starting the week with a loss but these days are different coz of my mindset shift that i’m able to climb up from hole.

I’m taking trades fearlessly and just following process over outcome. I know, in the long run, i’ll come out as winner. This is a great tonic to master.

There are things in the market which i never saw before. perhaps i’m gaining lot of experience therefore i’m able to filter out bad trades. I was checking my journal on my ipad and was flipping through my old trades. I found many bad decisions, reckless trades and fear. Now i have put up a great system.

There are many expect of trades which i have done right. Like the money management, i didn’t blow any account. I was realistic at all time, never believed in quick money.
i have stuck to my strategy , i never system hopped. NEVER.

It seems all these hard work paying me off now. i know 2 months win in a row ensures nothing. i’ll have to prove myself at least for the next 6 months. i’m still on my early days. i do have a plan to share my verified myfxbook records after few months.

So , this month April, i’ll be trading less as my sister visiting me from the UK. I’ll perhaps trade just 2 weeks. I’m also increasing my position size from this month. This is very big for me. we will see how it goes.

Thanks so much for reading my story and see you next week traders !