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The problem is in my mind : psychology

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have positive psychology when it comes to training. Mindset is everything. I figured i’m lacking in this department. My strategy is a winner. My risk management is top notch. I’m not over trading then what is the problem?

why i’m not consistently profiting yet ?

Trading psychology

After reading the book “trading in the zone”, i have found many answers. While reading the book i thought as if it was my story. Now i’m working on fixing my mindset problems. Simple action as walking out if it is not syncing on particular days were so hard for me. For example, if i’m approaching towards  minus 50 pips loss, all what i have to do is just walk away from the chart and turn off my computer. I could never do that. I would always try to revenge trade , infact take a lot of trades to overcome that loss. Needless to say, it never happened moreover i would succumb to a huge loss. I’m trading small account now so financially the loss is not big but the emotional loss is huge. At times i felt like my dreams were shattered as i have high hope with Forex trading.  So two things i have added to my trading routine (a) i will walk out if i’m near 50 pips loss (b) not trading on Monday. Usually Monday’s are slow and i check from my journal, i have very small parentage of win on Monday’s. Also the emotional part, not feeling bad if the market moves on Monday. Trading is serious business. Really difficult. I’m trying my best. Going to be two years for me by the end of this year. i guess i still have time 🙂

I had a terrible month of July 2017. I was doing all sort of mistakes. So this august, i decided to trade on Demo and put my head together. I need to come up this month with profit. so far it is going good. I’m on profit as of now.

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