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Prediction went wrong at Forex Market Today

Today was big news day. Numbers from Core durable goods order, then BOC gov speech and CB consumer from the US. Then add the quarterly income of the big tech companies in the NY stock which supposed to drive the market crazy. But that did not happen as much as i was expecting.  Sure there was some movement pre NY session and lot of day trader pip hunted during those hours. But i was not one of them unfortunately. I was really thinking the market would move up opening NY stock.

Here is the thing i heard over and over. DO NOT predict the market. Act the way it is. Act what ever you are seeing on the mt4 chart right at that moment. Even though i know rules , i still do mistakes.

So today what did i do ? I have taken 7 trades and closing the trades with break even. I was at a loss for majority of the time but at the end little trade from EusUsd took me out of my loss. Gosh i have traded three times that pair today. Won two times.

26th april

My trades today

So as you can see above, EurUsd saved me today. I’m happy that i did not face loss. This is the advantage of working with small stop losses. I only won two trades today but i could eliminate all my red trades. Had my trades ran on my direction, i would have chipped away with healthy pips today .

Nevertheless, tomorrow is another day.

26th April , 2016



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