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No volatility in the Forex market , difficult to make money

The volatility in the market seems non-existence at the moment July-2019. There is absolutely no volume to drive the charts. No chart movements, no money.

This is my 3rd year of active trading but i have never seen such slow market day to day basis . I don’t know the fundamental behind it, don’t want to know as well. There are no follow through to make pips.

Forex Market now really compressed

so i think patience is the key now. Many traders may not trade during this summer time. But as a day-trader, my approach is different than regular swing traders. I like to follow my daily process and work my way. I don’t want to speculate but to trade what i see at that very moment. I show up at my trading desk exactly the same time everyday and ready to trade.
I trade what i see, not what i think. I’ll take what market offers me.

I will never complain the market. It is what it is. Remember not losing is WIN.

To tackle the slow market, now i have added meditation to my arsenal. I would meditate about 5 minutes before i start my planning session. I guess this helped me a lot to calm-down. There is a great app name Headspace to help for meditation.

I should not have a fix-mind rather i should have a growth-mind. I need to grow along with the market change.

Since i didn’t have any experience how to work during this slow market, i took 100 pips loss in JUNE. Even percentage wise it was pretty big loss. I should have made my position size smaller but lack of experience forced me to trade as before. Had i made my position size smaller, i could have had smaller loss (percentage wise). So even though it was a loss in the painfully slow market, i still learned something.

This week (July 22th-25th) i made just +37 pips which is of-course better than a loss. I’m getting really good controlling my loss.

I believe that if i can survive this market, i would be able to tackle any market in the future.