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Where is the Forex volatility dude ?

Well guys, it’s been few weeks since i have seen any volatility in the Forex market during New York session. I would say over two weeks in a row i see nothing. Really difficult to make money during these days. I surely cannot predict but i have to be here in front of my computer waiting for something to happen. Really frustrating moments. At times you feel like you are wrong. But there is nothing you can do about it except for being there when market decides to give you. You just don’t know when.  It is a psychological test as you are just sitting in front with your money in jeopardy. Seeing money sucked by the market everyday is really hard. Hence come the money management. I know few good trades, i would be back up again in the winning zone. No Matter how much i lose, it is within my parameter. That’s the beauty of a good money management. However, the pressure is surely on on the psychology part. I did learn the technical part of Forex withing few weeks when i started first. But to have a strong mental strength for forex trading, needs lot of experience. And that’s what i’m going through i guess. Since now i’m losing more than winning, i decided to read success stories of others traders. I listen to trade related podcast almost everyday. Just so that i don’t lose hope.


volatility ahead i know.

It’s been hard few weeks. Last week was even terrible. Not even one winning day. I have paid almost 100 pips in one week. Even today Monday started with slow gain. I’m just +8 pips up for today. Glad that at least no lose. Also today marking no News Day. Usually we don’t see any news on Monday.

So guys as you can see, i’m trying to be honest with my trades here unlike other blogs which is portraying only winning trades. It is never true. If you are losing, remember you are not alone. Even the most professional traders lose. But they have a good plan and they don’t freak out hence they could come out of it real quick.

I have been reading quite a lot of Forex  blog recently. Downloaded an app name Feedly for rss and added almost all the mainstream forex blogs. It’s fun reading what other traders think. Almost all of whom says Forex will have losing streak at one point of our trading life. So yeah, i’m going through that now.

Hope to come back tomorrow with few positive pips in the bank.


23rd May, 2016


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