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Lost biggest supporter of my Forex business

Like any one else, 2020 has been the worse year of my life. I have lost my father just 2 months ago. He was the biggest supporter of my trading business. He did not understand what i was doing but had some knowledge how the currency exchange works. Every week he would call me from home and ask in details how it was going. That simple call often time used to work as tonic for my psychology . I never gave up even though it was taking a quite a long time.

Photo by Serkan Göktay from Pexels

it’s been over 2 months, i haven’t had anyone asked how i’m doing in my Trading. I miss that phone-call so much. It was only my father who was so concern about my success. No one ever cared like him.
Very quickly i understood the value of having parents. No matter what you do, your parents will be always by your side.
They will be there at your bad times, at good times, they will be there to pat at your back and say well-done my boy. They are the only who will be proud of your achievement selflessly.
I’m still not successful in trading. i’m still not making money but i’m very close. Every month i’m still ending on Break Even. Still searching for my format. I can feel it, i’m really really close. I just need to carry on with it till i meet my aha moment.

Thinking my father won’t be there to see my success brings tear in my eyes.
Now that he is no more, i feel i’ve this added pressure to be successful ever than before. We spoke so much over phone about forex. He believed in me. He was little skeptical but never discouraged me.
He was waiting.

I’m working harder than ever. no matter what, does not matter how long it may take, i shall not give up trading.

I have to make my father proud.