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Incredible positive week

Not sure where to start today. This is the first time ever in my forex career that i had 3 consecutive profitable week. I’m sure I’m on my way to finish this month on high. 

Suddenly i have this feelings i have got everything to become a pro forex trader. Feeling amazingly positive lately . 

All these time i thought i was technically sound on my chart but i think i was wrong. My price action analysis was wrong the entire time. I actually never understood the movement of price. The power of currency strongness and weakness. Now I’m getting it slowly but surely. 

The power of post analysis . The power of journaling my trades. 

This does not mean i have adopted the entire rules and regulations. I still got long way to go. I shall learn on the way. But there are still some psychological glitches which i need to overcome. Good that I’m now able to identify my problems. 

One of the big obstacle for now is : 

Taking early profits. This is hurting me a lot ; i need to infest this in mind that … 

As long as market is acting right and moving my way, DO NOT be in a hurry to take profits. 

It just seems I’m taking profits way to early then having a protective stops. This way my profits are small therefore about the same size as my losses. If losses and gains are similar then i will never have a big profit. 

I have to make sure my wins are substantially larger than my losses. 

I feel one of the biggest skill that i need to acquire is the ability to come out of a hole which i feel I’m getting better every day. This one alone can save you a lot of money for sure. The fear of losing money, the fear of tossing around by the market is really big. And to overcome that fear and continue to believe in my system is really really big in my opinion. It is all about mindset. 

I really need to get better. It’s been way too long. So happy that things are shaping up for me. I’m thinking of daily meditation before my trade. I was never believer of all these but now, things are changing. Shift of mind i would say . I read many places where they talked about the good things of controlling mind via meditation. 

So next week, one thing for sure i shall not be taking early profit and shall try to do meditation. Hopefully it will help me to calm me down as i feel very agitated to take profits. 

Next week i should be able to announce positive month.