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I’m still here…

It’s been a while since i last blogged. Yes I’m still a forex trader but things have not moved the way i planned. Got smashed back and forth over the last few months but i guess these are all part of learning curve. Not sure how long this “learning” time will remain.

So it’s been 3 years since I’m trying to become a professional forex trader. I eventually thought i would be successful in less than 2 years but that has not been the case. I’m still struggling in the market and haven’t found my winning formula yet.

Good things I’m still stuck to my strategy which i believe is good technic to master however the problem is in my mind. I’m not able to come out from that psychological barrier parse.

Over the last few months I’m documenting a lot. Trying to learn from my mistakes. Obviously i have gone far better in note taking than my original forex trading 🙂 i use a lot of iPad Pro and Evernote. For my note taking, I’m using the notability app. Shall write about these later.

Learning a lot about myself which I never knew about myself before.

So it was a bit frustrating not able to pull out wining month but it’s true my losing days are getting shorter. I guess that’s a development. Also I’m able to understand price action more clear than before. After a losing day, i completely understand what i should have done.

It seems i take a lot more trades when I’m losing but i tend to take less trades when I’m wining just to end the day break-even . It should be just the opposite.

So i would like to believe I’m getting closer, really close. Just waiting for that light bulb moment. When that happens, trust me this site would be the most beneficial for aspiring forex traders as I’ll be so happy and giving away free tips and trick.

Until then cheers guys