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How was my Forex trading in 2019 ?

Mixed Feelings. not what i have anticipated. When i first started trading in 2017 seriously, I really thought 2019 would be my professional trading year and that i would be earning a ton of money. That did not happen. I’m still far from it.

Although last year was the best Forex year i had in terms of pips income, but i’m still far way from being consistently profitable trader. I haven’t had 3 months in a row profit yet. It seems there still many things to learn.

The moment i thought i have learned it all, the next day market would smash me out of the park. While i’m taking notes of every mistake i’m encountering, truth to be told, i was bit frustrated through out the year. I felt pressure to be successful in trading. I had fear. I had confusion. Many times i thought , is it all worth it ?

Number wise, it was a great trading year. Yes i’m still not tracking my income but in terms of pips, it was a good learning year. It was perhaps the most productive year. I feel i’m really close to be successful. Just need to tweak few strategies. Last year, there was time when i thought i had nothing to learn anymore and that i should trade full position. Every time i decided to go full pro, i was smashed in the head the next month. Lesson learned.

today is January 6th, i will be starting my trading from today. i have taken good 2 weeks off due to Christmas and new year. I had gone through my journals , rechecked the chart screen-shots , read many articles so i’m feeling positive again. I sincerely hope i won’t be thrown out of the comfort zone again.

This year, i’ll be trading small account and work on my strategy to further bullet proof it. If i can make 3 consistently profitable months in a row, i’ll go big with big investments.
Most important, i should gain the confident to make it.

2020 would be good year (hopefully)