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Hard-fought-week but ended as winner

First the good news. Once again i pulled off a profitable week albeit a small one. But this time it was not straight forward. For some unknown reason, last week i was nervous and scared as hell to the point where it was effecting my trades. I was not able to take my natural trades.

Lucky that i could win on Thursday and mitigate the previous loss.

Since i had VERY RARE winning month in FEB , i was extra cautious to give it away which was not a good mindset. However this time I was totally aware of my disturbed mindset. I constantly check my mindset and i knew something was surely fucked up.

Therefore, I made quite few technical mistakes last week. I really thought after so many years of trading, I was over with technical mistakes but i was wrong. I’m still prone to error .

As i journal very well, i wrote down all my mistakes so that i don’t repeat these again ever in my life.

But one particular mistake that i see over and over again :

Taking early profits even though trades were in line with my direction.

I’m freaking out it seems. I’m not analyzing across board for price action. I’m just being happy with small profits which is not compensating my losses. I need to make my wining trades run till my technical stops. This way i should be able to pull out massive wins. Big wins shall overcome my losses by big margin.

Trading is all about confident and psychology. I really need to adopt to this up and down lifestyle.

It is amazing how I’m here talking about psychology. Just few months ago i was here whining about my loses. You guys can read my previous posts. Things are about to change , i have a strong feeling. I do think my blog will be really big one day as i’ll be one of the rarest profitable forex trader who blogs 🙂

I have also plan to show my results in the future. But right now, not ready yet. I have been tracking my stats via since 2017 so i have some data to show. But these are mostly negative as i was still at my early phase of trading.

Nevertheless, good week has ended, can’t wait for the next one.