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Forex trading Journal New York session 18th April 2016

welcome to my blog post. Today is my first entry. I planned to be regularly updating my blog. I shall be recording my Forex journey and share with you guys.

well today at New York session was good. Usually Mondays are dead. But i learned not to predict and be there always. Lot of movements especially with YEN pairs. I was expecting CAD move at NY session as the big oil guys had meeting this Sunday without any settlement. Oil price also dropped a lot which usually drives CAD pairs. We started  trading with a gap so i was expecting a gap filling. however, that happened with YEN pairs. Does not matter which pairs, as long as it moves in my direction, i’m happy 🙂



I was nicely positioned on AUDJPY on a pullback just before the NY session. Usually there would be a movement when the NY stock opens. I try to take that for my advantage. In this case, the YEN pairs immediately started to move and i made some good pips. I ended the session with 102 pips.

I reckon the YEN moves were because of the Earth Quake in Japan last week. It’s sad that we are making money out of it but that’s the way it is.

Took few trades today. one punched out and rest 3 is a winner for me.

good start with the week, good start with my trading journal 🙂