Forex day trading journey : welcome back

Welcome back to my forex journal. Yes i still haven’t stopped trading. Still in the market and fighting 4 days a week to survive in this world of uncertainty. I did not lose hope yet, i feel i’m very close to success in this tough business that i have chosen to pursue.  

Forex day trading for a living,  is still very much in my mind. Now i see light at the end of the tunnel as it has been almost 3 years that i have been trading on my live account. Albeit a small account, but i’m learning heaps of knowledge. The journey has been very difficult thus far, lot of up and down emotionally however i have never lost hope. 

Every month, i learn something new. Every month, i feel i’m closer to success but the next moment i’m torn apart by the ruthless market. Every moment i think, that’s it , i have cracked the code but next day succumb to the market. Good news is, i’m taking a good note of all  my mistakes and trying to not to repeat the same mistake the next day. Every day before i start to take trade, i  promise myself to do one mistake less than the previous day. 

Right now, i do have a winning forex strategy. Lot of retail traders making money but i know my strategy works. But i have this mental blockage which denies me to move forward. I seem to do the same mistake over and over again. My journal full with repeat mistakes which is sad. But then when i compare myself a year ago, surely i’ve come forward a lot. 

I am now concentrating on the process. Not looking at p&l. Profit will come later for sure. Once i do the same process over and over again, i know i’ll come out as profitable retail trader. Now religiously sticking to my forex day trading rules. I don’t break rules even if my gut feeling tells me it won’t work. I feel great when i’m flat the market but haven’t done any mistake. 

Now the big question , is forex trading worth it? YES for sure it is. Beside my full time job, it is not bad to have a side hustle. It is just not business, it is a skill. I sincerely hope, this skill will take me long way in the foreseeable future.