My first real winning month in Forex

In the last three years that i have been trading Forex on my real account, i have had my fair share of success. I could pull out a few wins here and there. I had seen winning months in the past. however, never have i ever won so confidently like the last month. Previous wins were by sheer luck and it was just an easy market. Coz the following month, i would usually succumb to a huge loss which means my wins were just gimmicked.

show me the money !

But this time around in February, i felt it was real and i was very confident.
I had a sense of accomplishment as i thought i’ve come forward by miles in the previous month. I knew exactly what i was doing. I had full control over my trades.
And finally, i understood, i have to concentrate my down than up. I should risk my money based on how much i would lose if the market goes against me. i have to ask myself, am i be ok if i take these losses? is the losses manageable ? do i have the firepower to come back and mitigate the loss?

There were multiple occasions this time when i started my day in a hole but i dug myself out of it. In my mind, i knew the losses were small just a couple of wins and i should be on top again.

So my losses last month were under control environment which helped me to win as my wins were more than my losses.

it was a great feeling. For the first time, i didn’t feel defeated.

Now i’ll have to check if i can finish this month on profit. once i do that, it would definitely boost my mindset by miles.