My first profitable month at Forex day trading

Boooom ! best month ever the January 2017. I came out profitable. The feelings are even sweeter as at one point of the month, i was well below -5% but i dug myself out from the hole and ended the month with +2.24%. This is the first time in 12 months that i could beat the market. Before i came out close but never could end positive.
first profitable month Jan 2017
This has significant meaning to me. It means i’m doing something correct. I learned a lot in the last two months but overall i have been working my ass off to understand this forex market. It has just started to work for me. I am very confident today than i was yesterday. Even this week started with a bang. I ended the week with 150+ pips in the Bank. I could have ended with 200+ but thursday the day before NFP was very slow and i suffered a -100pips loss. But overall weekly score, i did good. i had two 100+ pips consecutive win on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the first time i could win big in 2 days in a row.

so it seem things are working out for me. I will try my best not to get too much excited. This is what happens after two big wins in one week, you get too over confident and you break your plan. You just feel you can turn anything into gold. That is suicidal. But now days, i can almost execute my plans 95% of the time. Plans are there to secure you, always remember that.

The key to forex market is to execute your plan properly.

Not many people can do that. I have seen the new traders often looking for that perfect strategy or setups, but trust me, it is about the emotion to hold the trade for bigger wins. And minimizing the loss.

After a winning week, now i’m eagerly waiting for next week. Hope this time i don’t have to turn back.

until then, cheers guys.

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