February 2017 Forex day trading diary, fear of missing out (FOMO)

February has been a bit tough for me. Price action is really whippy and bouncy. Currently i’m in a hole -69 pips for the month. We still got 5 tradings days left for this month. We never know what will happen. I hope to overcome my loses and make February positive.

Things have changed a lot this year. I feel i have got my edge and finally trading correctly. I’m really enjoying day-trading these days and not feeling pressure. Last year, because of consecutive loses, i used to feel nervous to trade. However, i should give credit to myself as no matter what happened, 1 hour prior to New York open i was at my desk getting ready for trade. I should give myself a pat at the back 🙂

Positive habits are the key to success in Forex.

We need to train ourselves to do the same process over and over again. Trading according to our plan and criteria is very important. Once i get away from my trading criteria due to the spur of the moment, i tend to loose a lot.

Fear of missing out(FOMO) is a disease. I was guilty of FOMO for really long time. Now i understand, if miss any trade i will have plenty of chances to get back in again.

anyway, last week was very challenging. I remember while i was studying my daytrading strategy in 2015, it was very easy to make pips as the market was quite volatile. But things have slowed down in 2016 while i was trading micro lots. It has shown me the brutal side of the Market. I went really low but now i’m finding my way up. So when i’ll invest big money, i shall be well prepared as i have already experience the low.

Tuesday i ended with -97 pips, Wednesday -43 pips but on Thursday i gained +131 pips. So ending the week with -9. I almost dug myself out from the hole. well done 🙂


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