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Another difficult but profitable week

Well it was another slow week for me but still managed to come out profitable. I think i will have to stop reporting my winning weeks as it is getting more and more regular now days. 🙂
enough of jokes, but trust me it is the most amazing feelings ever. Not the winning weeks but the idea of my strategy working feels great. If i can finish this month with few pips in my bank, i’ll increase my position size next month. These are the small small changes i’m making so that i move forward towards my goal.
i made far less mistakes last week . I could find just 1 repeat mistake of taking profit early and few technical mistakes. The good news is the length of my mistakes are getting shorter every week. This is the power of journaling your trade, you can see and analyze all your mistakes.

Another aspect of trading that i’m working very closely is my psychology . Last weeks post , i mentioned i was getting nervous in taking trades as i was feeling the pressure to win. This week however, i tamed my mind to think that ITS perfectly OK to have negative week.
i have been extremely successful on my standard for the last few weeks. I’m really feeling like finally, i’m moving forward. I sincerely hope there is no looking back.

Not many guru’s will mention this but i feel being in trading community is the single most important aspect of learning to trade.

it is important that you are in group who trades just like you. I do have a trading community on twitter , where we all trade the exact same strategy. Our trade plans are the same. so this way, you can gauge your performance if your score is not up to the per of your peer. If you have a losing day and others facing the same, then you know , you are not doing that bad. This is a big assurance in terms of psychology.
so if you want to be successful in this business, it is important that you find such groups with identical strategy and time frame. So that you all can trade and learn together.

I was reluctant to blog this week as i was feeling lazy. But then i told to my self, i have to follow the discipline and write blogs regularly.

Never get away from your routine.