About Me

Hello there, i’m M Sobhani but known to my friends as Sunny. About 3 years ago, i discovered Forex when one of my soccer buddy showed me how he was earning from his smartphone. I was immediately pulled-in the world of trading as i thought from tomorrow i can quit my day job and earn from the beaches of Thailand. Forex trading may look very easy but soon i realized it is the most complex , most nerve crunching profession ever.

Like everybody else, after watching few YouTube videos, i was trying tons of indicators , automatic EA’s and forth but only to get disappointed by the market. However unlike everybody else, i took some right decision along the way such as setting myself a goal to increase 5% of my account in 2 months on a demo account, i would then invest on a real account. Needless to say, that never happened and thus saved me from going bankrupt.

I have had two mentors over these period from whom i learned a lot. Again i choose the right mentors with my research skills. They taught me technical side of trading such as price action. However, trading from daily chart with the anatomy of candlestick on support and resistance line did not help me much. In my opinion for new traders, it is not the ideal learning platform. Trading from daily chart needs patience like tortoise as it is too slow which never fitted my personality. It took me months to recover from my loses. So i switched to 15 minutes chart, technical price action with intraday strategy. It is a fast pace trading and at the end of the day i’m flat the market. I don’t kill my sleep over an open trade anymore. After two to three hours everyday in a NewYork session, i close my shop.

Make no mistake i am NOT a  successful professional forex trader nor i would claim i’m making tons of money but i am on my way. This is just the starting. Being right frame of mind is very important in this business.

So, there you are, sharing my trade journal with you guys about what i do day in and day out. As i believe sharing is knowledge and i would like to hear from you as well.

happy pipin’ !